Okanagan Health & Wellness Magazine helps to share awareness of Heart Health

Thankyou Okanagan Health & Wellness Magazine for helping to spread the signs/symptoms of a heart attack but also of helping to change the mindset that it "won't happen to me".
That exact mindset is what changed our lives forever.
Everything that Peter is missing, all that our boys will never experience with their father & missing the man I was supposed to live the rest of my life with fuels the passion of spreading the message and getting people talking about something that m...ost think "only happens when you are older".
It can happen to you!
Heart attacks do not discriminate!
You are not invincible!
Learn, talk, share.... one share could save a life! 👼

Sharing saves lives!

This story below is so amazing and I am so thankful it can be shared. The more we share and learn about heart disease, the more lives we save! Thank you so much Chris! ❤️

"I was asked by Rhonda to share my story in my battle with heart disease.

This last January I just turned 30. It was a huge deal for me! My 30th birthday was exactly my celebration for being alive for one whole year!

I've always been a freak when it comes to clean eating and a balanced diet. I don't eat sweets and never fast food. I've always watched my sodium intake and label read with the best of them. I also ran and worked out fairly regularly. In September of 2015 I was getting ready for work one morning. I bent down to pick somthing up off the floor and it felt like someone had stabbed me in the stomach with a hot knife. I calmed down and the burning went away. I went to work and forgot about it.

Over the next week I would randomly get this pain and it got worse and worse. I decided to go to a doctor. My doctor was full so i went to a clinic. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac and the previous day a friend at work had had heart surgery for 5 blockages. One was fixed the others were to small. He was 35 years old. I had mentioned to the doctor that I thought it may be my heart. He laughed and said I was to young and gave me a prescription for an acid reducer and kicked me out. It didn't help. I stopped drinking milk, limited my diet because I figured it was a reflux for some sort of intolerance. Nothing worked. My family doctor eventually sent me for a bunch of stomach tests. Nothing. It all looked good.

My pain continued. Worse and worse. In the middle of the night. When I shovelled the driveway, and eventually when I went up the stairs. I started to become short of breath and I felt palpitations in my stomach area. I convinced my doctor to send me for a stress test.

Finally. In January the day before my 29th birthday I got my stress test. I made it 4:30 before the doctor asked me how I felt. I said not good. He told me to get off the tread mill because I had a positive result.

Now I'm a police officer and have battled stress and anxiety for years so I was good at calming myself down. I had my daughter with me this day and she was almost one year old. I called my wife and told her I was being sent to the royal alexandra hospital here in Edmonton because they found somthing. I didn't know what. With my daughter in my arms, I was wheeled to the cardiology center.

My wife arrived shortly after and 30 minutes later I was in surgery. They found a 90% blockage in my left coronary artery. This is the working side of the heart and a heart attack would have surely been fatal. They were able to open my blockage and the device was accepted by my body with no problems.

I've had many months of sleepless nights. Worry. Anxiety. Wondering if today or tonight is my last. But I still run all the time and I still remain positive. I recently turned 30 and have been able to stay at home with the most beautiful little lady for the last year. Life's good!! If I have one piece of advice for anyone it's reduce your risks. Don't think your invincible because of your body type or age. Eat healthy. Exercise. And reduce your stress levels. I run and see a psychologist and do several sensory deprivation floats a month to maintain my emotional health. It's worth it and so are you. Keep heart healthy!!!"

Listen to your body!

I received this amazing story this morning! These are why the message keeps going!

"Hello rhonda
I hope all is well last time we talked I was feeling sick with heart palpitations and not feeling well I took your advice and I went for blood work,did a holtor monitor test,an echo,and stress test, my blood sugars were high,my cholesterol was high and my blood pressure was up,and combination of these things were causing my heart palpitations, I took control of my life I eat hea...lthy more salads,and avacados, pomegranate etc I do the treadmill 60 minutes a day I walk half and run half ,in 3 months I got my blood sugar down from 11.4 down to almost 7 my blood pressure is a steady 125 over 82 instead of 145 over 95 and my heart rate went from 100 bpm to 80 beats per minute and 56 bmp at rest, I do have to take 3 pills along with diet and exercise but hopefully I can wean off of them I feel good and thank you so much rhonda your story at the hockey game made me seek help....."

Thank you for sharing your story Len

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Please make sure to check out the Facebook page for Peters Story.  It continues to share tons of information on heart health and stories from individuals who have listened to their body and became aware of signs.  The more we learn, the more we share, the more lives we save!